Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


What previous customers say about Snarky Sweet Cake Chick creations:

Nicole’s cakes are realistic.  You can hand her a picture or idea and she can turn it into the real thing!  Oh, and they are actually tasty too!



Fantastic! I love that her cakes are a tangible version of what the person receiving the cake loves.



Always the exact vision you had in mind and I’ve never had a flavor I didn’t like!  And we’ve had almost all of them at this point!



Exquisite.  Nicole’s cakes are beautiful to look at, incredibly detailed and unbelievably delicious.



Creative and unique but also sooooo delicious!!!



Taste Amazing.  Sometimes cakes look great but don’t taste so good.  Not true with Nicole’s!  They look great AND taste great.




Nicole has an incredible talent and her designs are unique as only she can create them.  To boot, they’re always delicious!



Nicole thinks “outside the box” with her designs…very creative.



An amazing portrayal of life, beauty and flavor all rolled into one.  If you can imagine it, Nicole can create it.






Deliciously dangerous! I can eat a whole one by myself!



Superbly made and delicious! The cakes you made for my daughter’s wedding were perfection.  The way you matched the lace on her dress was amazing! Thank you again!



Creative, innovative, truly delicious artistry!!



They look so real, you don’t want to eat them but you should!!



Beautiful, creative, amazing work.  Nicole pays perfect attention to the smallest detail.



Beautiful and so yummy!



Cool, modern and hip!



The Snarky Sweet Cake Chic absolutely crushed our wedding pies! We didn’t go with any sci-fi or horror themes this time (although when I’ve seen and eaten those they are delicious and an absolute shocker at how cool they look!) but stuck with some more traditional flavors.  Nicole went out of her way to deliver the pies and everything worked perfectly.  The only bummer was the fact that I barely got to eat any of the pies because I was so distracted with getting married, but the counter to that is all I heard were rave reviews about how delicious the pies were.  Thanks again Nicole, next time I want any desserts, I’ll order an extra to leave at home!


Thanks everyone!! xxoo