Top 10 Valentine’s Day Cookie Ideas

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Cookie Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I thought I’d look at some classic and new fun ideas for decorating your sugar cookies for this day of love! There are some really talented cookie artists out there, so I’ve compiled the Top 10 Valentine’s Day Cookie Ideas to help you out with designs from classic to playful!


#1 – Valentine Cupcake Cookies



Teri Pringle Wood (Cookie Queen) has these adorable cookies shaped like cupcakes with hearts featured on Cookie Connection! This goes to show that you don’t have to ONLY use heart shapes for Valentine’s Day.


#2 – Two Birds on a Heart Cookie

Source: Aggelika Glyka


What about still using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, but get creative with the decoration? Aggelika Glyka used a heart shape to express two cute birds snuggling.


#3 – Classic Conversation Hearts



Every Day Annie offers a tutorial on how to create the old-fashioned conversation hearts in cookie form! Takes me back to the “Good Old Days!”


#4 – Conversation Hearts with a Modern Pop-Culture Twist



These cool conversation hearts from Kelley Hart Custom Cookies don’t just have the same ole’ messages like when we were kids! Hey, if you create it, it can say whatever you want, right?


Click here for the Best Sugar Cookie Recipe!


# 5 – Mason Jar with Hearts



Flour Box Bakery has a tutorial on how to decorate these Mason Jar cookies with hearts. A jar full of love, anyone?


#6 – Love Letters



How about a sweet love letter you can eat? We love these envelope cookies with hearts and sprinkles!


#7 – Love & Sprinkles Hearts



Ah, Love…what can be better than a simple expression of your feelings?  Mix in some colorful sprinkles and your Valentine will be so happy!


#8 – XO’s and Love Block Letter Cookies



For something a little different, we like these X’s and O’s with love block letters from momisbaking on Etsy.  Super cute packaging too!


#9 – Wood and Flowers Hearts



Another creative take on the heart shape – we LOVE the wood planks with beautifully piped flowers from Emily Baking.


#10 – Playfully Embossed Fondant Hearts

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These fun (and EASY) cookies by me (Snarky Sweet Cake Chick!) are a basic heart sugar cookie with a layer of embossed fondant using a textured rolling pin.  Individually wrapped in a treat bag with a pretty ribbon and you’re good to go!

Click here for my White Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant Recipe!


Happy Baking & Enjoy! xxoo | Snarky Sweet Cake Chicks | Custom Cakes Arvada


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