Top 10 Valentine’s Day Treats for Guys

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Treats for Guys

Hey girls! Valentine’s Day is again upon us – want to make a different spin on Valentine’s Day treats for your guy?  To help you out, I’ve compiled the Top 10 Valentine’s Day Treats for Guys

#1 – Mustache, Glasses, Tie & Hat



#2 – Heart Shaped Sports Ball Cookies

Source: Fresh Cut Flours


#3 – Lumberjack Heart Cookies

Source:  Lumberjack Cookies


#4 – Boxer Short Cookies

Source: Christina’s Creations & Confections LLC


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#5 – Hearts with Flames

Source: kneadacookie


# 6 – Undies Cookies



#7 – Football Hearts

Source:  @melissajoycookies


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#8 – Lingerie Cookies

Source: How Does She?


#9 – Strawberry Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Source: Inside Bru Crew Life


#10 – Just for Funsies – Pizza Instead!!



Have fun with these ideas!  (That pizza is making me hungry) xxoo | Snarky Sweet Cake Chicks | Custom Cakes Arvada

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