Hey there!

I’m Nicole aka The Snarky Sweet Cake Chick.  I make creative, unique and deliciously dangerous cakes and desserts for all occasions.

Why “Snarky Sweet,” you may ask? I started out in cake design over 20 years ago.  All I ever wanted to do was make wedding cakes.  So, I began making very traditional and elegant designs, and as much as I enjoyed this, and as beautiful as those cakes were, I found that I wasn’t expressing my artistic creativity as much as I could.

Then something amazing happened!  I started making wacky, unusual, “outside of the box” cakes and I discovered that I have a real talent for it.  The “trick cakes.”   You know the ones…the cakes that don’t look like cake.  You imagine it, and I love to create it:  You want a purse cake? How about a fireman’s helmet? A bucket of chicken wings? Garden vegetables?  A Predator?

Seriously, everywhere I look in the world, I think, “That’s cool!  How can I recreate that in cake?”  In fact, I say it so often, I’m pretty sure it annoys my son.  (Until, of course, it’s time for HIS birthday cake)!

So if you want a unique cake or dessert for any event, I would love to create something amazing for you!

Oh, and I almost forgot!  I’m a huge Sci-Fi and Horror movie fan, so you’ll probably see some pretty crazy cakes and desserts posted on my blog!

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I hope to hear from you!!

Nicole Bendig-Lamb

I am based in Arvada, Colorado – serving the Denver Metro Area